Custom Crowning Is King

Call iCrownHomes for your estimate!

iCrownHomes is an all-in-one provider for custom crown moulding in Phoenix, Tucson, and surrounding areas. You can rely on us for an estimate, measurements, moulding creation and installation.

Most other companies waste your time by doing the measurement, cutting and painting at your home. We do it differently. iCrownHomes will:

  • Come over to talk pricing and get measurements
  • Go back to our warehouse to cut, saw and stain the mold
  • Install the crown moulding as quickly as possible

This means no saw dust in your yard or driveway, and no wasted time on your end! From start to finish, the professionals at iCrownHomes will provide you with trustworthy and efficient services.

3 big benefits of crown moulding installation

Adding crown molds to line the areas of your home is a small step toward something much bigger. With detailed, elegant crown moulding, the interior of your home can be taken to the next level.

Consider getting custom crown moulding at your home in Phoenix, Tucson, and surrounding areas and you’ll be able to:

  1. Ramp up your home’s resell value
  2. Draws eyes to the whole room, including the ceiling
  3. Elevate the fancier aesthetic of your home

iCrownHomes use MDF and hardwood for our moulding. We offer six profiles for moulding, everything from basic moulding to White Rivers moulding.

If you’re ready to take your home to the next level, don’t trust any carpentry company in Phoenix, AZ. Choose one that specifically works on crown moulding. Get in touch with iCrownHomes at (623) 329-8979 and upgrade the elegance of your home today!